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Luxurious indulgence

For many guests - the ultimate luxury when away on holiday is often in the privacy of their own hotel suite. Prepare to be amazed by our unique, bespoke bed linens of high-end European quality that can be designed by our team in the perfect reflection of your own design aesthetic. With their softer-than-soft touch and unique looks our bed linens quite simply set the standard of design & luxury that every 5*-hotel in the world aspires to.

The same goes for our luxurious bath linens. Whether lounging after a dip in a Riviera-chic pool, getting a treatment at the spa or spending some me-time in the bathroom, your guests will very much enjoy wrapping up in our plush towels & glamorous bathrobes from exceptional, European quality. All bath linens are created to your exact wishes – allowing you the liberty to set your own stamp on even the smallest details of the unique heaven you have so delicately created for your guests.

Small accessories such as linen bags, slippers, bed mats, hair dryer bags, eye masks and decorative pillows can also be designed especially for you – hitting just the right note for the ultimate atmosphere.

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