Ingrid Lesage Creations

Star performance in design

A celebration of imagination

Ingrid Lesage Creations imbues luxe craftsmanship and understated elegance into a one-of-a-kind hotel textiles collection. We find our inspiration in fashion, art & refined living. Our world is a celebration of imagination and creativity.

Different makes beautiful

What we are most renowned for is the creation of high-end chair covers, table covers and skirtings for the professional market. We differentiate ourselves in this business bringing fresh shapes and luxe fabrics.

Sparkling, original, refined & qualitative

But our collection also includes high-quality table and bed linens that also meet our company guidelines with sparkling creations, an original touch, refined finishing and those quality labels that are a must for the professional hotel sector.

Crafting solutions to real issues

Our team has a lifelong experience in the world of F&B, rental business,... So we always aim to achieve our elegant, refined aesthetic without compromising on practicality. Crafting solutions to real issues.

Inspiring with one-of-a-kind elegance

We combine fabrics and shapes to effortless effect. For many of our clients, our team is a great source of inspiration... Offering a solution for their banqueting equipment that is in perfect harmony with their surroundings without compromising on the aspect of function. We cover different styles - from rich and vibrant to super simple, super clean. But always the epitome of elegance.

A unique sense of individuality

We differentiate ourselves on the market with a unique and personalized approach that will truly make a difference in your ballrooms & restaurants - bringing them to a one-of-a-kind level with a special appeal for your guests. Using bespoke jacquard weaving, one-of-a-kind designs and exquisite embroideries to bring a sense of individuality to every project.

Thinking out of the box

We really listen to our clients' needs and we're not afraid to think 'out of the box'. We tell stories and ask questions so we can grow together and learn from each other. That is how we come up with one-of-a-kind ideas such as the Dress Up chair cover collection and the IRD trolley cover that are now on every hotel's wish list.

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