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Bespoke linens

To create an inviting aroma for your restaurant, our bespoke table linens are an absolute must. From conception to crafting, we work with both aesthetic & practical considerations in mind. This philosophy is celebrated with table clothes & napkins in a unique mix of high-quality textures, jacquard weavings & luxurious embroideries. Our creations are always inspired by the uniqueness of your establishment. It’s all about the mood that works for your venue.

Whether you choose table clothes & napkins that ooze old-fashioned elegance or contemporary placemats or runners that will make your look undeniably modern, each of our products promotes an overall sense of luxury, atmosphere & well-being.

Reinvent happy hour with our bespoke cocktail napkins that will make sure your bar or lounge area stands out. And give your all-day dining venue a unique metamorphose with the moodmaker, our unique triple-use napkin: Go monochrome-chic in the morning. Play with textures for lunch. And up the glamour factor with full-on jacquard at night. This effortless day-to-evening solution will be highly appreciated by both your guests and your operations team. A nice selection of high-quality moltons & pvc table protectors keeps everything comfortably in place.

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