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Forever elegant

Few things are more powerful than great chair covers. They can change the entire look of your ballroom. Whether you go for a minimalist aesthetic or for a bold & beautiful look, slip a well-tailored chair cover on and you make an immediate impact. Choose from the simple luxuries in our Inspirations Collection. Or go all the way with our extraordinary Couture Collection. A unique mix of design, detail and texture. All of our chair covers are tailor-made. So you are free to choose from a wide range of models and a large scale of fabrics that were especially selected for professional use. A silhouette can be very simple, but when it’s filled in with all these different materials, it creates something rich & magical.

Time to maximize the radiance of your interior? Master day-to-night elegance with our Dress Up Collection. Start with a simple look for conferences. Put on a glamorous top for your afternoon tea. And add a gorgeous sleeve to make your ballroom shine bright at night or during wedding season. Because every good party requires a little high-shine glamour.

More good-time-guaranteed party pieces can be found in our cocktail table covers collection that is aiming for the perfect combination of traditional & contemporary. Mix colors & patterns for an atmosphere that is different in a good way. Playful, but sophisticated. Worthy of your clientele. Combine with our table covers, skirtings & buffet table covers that are designed for practicality and great looks at the same time.

Finish the look with gorgeous, bespoke linens for a well-dressed table that encourages lingering & sharing and inspires intimate conversations. All of our underlays, table clothes & napkins are made of high-end, European quality and are highly valued by hotel professionals worldwide.